Escape the Lab

„Escape the Lab“ is a short ~30-40 minutes Virtual Reality experience of an Escape Room that focuses on realistic chemical experiments and was created by a small student team over the course of half a year. 

The main concept of the game was taken from the laboratory facilities of the University chemistry faculty. With additional features, these facilities have been turned into a gamified Virtual Reality “Escape room” type experience which is based on real chemical experiments.


Play as a person who is stuck inside a chemical laboratory during cold wintertime. Will you be able to find all the required clues and escape before the timer runs out?


  • Discover and perform various experiments
  • Search for clues to progress further in the game
  • Sandbox approach – interact with almost every object in the game
  • Liquids interactivity – mix various chemicals
  • Compete with other players in the local or global leaderboards
  • Find all of the hidden secrets and collect the achievements
  • Escape before the timer runs out