Escape the lab release

On December 12th, 2019 we have released Escape the Lab as an Early Access version in the Steam store!

Virtual Reality escape room – Escape the Lab is now available on Steam for purchase with a 15% launch discount! Currently, the game is released as an Early Access, because we are planning on developing the game together with you, the players.

Check out the Steam store page here!

Escape the Lab – a short Virtual Reality experience of an escape room that is based on real chemical experiments. Find various hints, solve puzzles, perform experiments to Escape the Laboratory within the time limit!

Currently implemented game features:

  • Three different types of experiments to perform
    • Chameleon experiment;
    • Dry ice experiment;
    • Blue fire experiment;
  • Fully interactive Virtual World – interact with almost every object that is inside of the game scene;
  • Mix various liquids to perform chemical reactions;
  • Find hidden “Easter eggs”;
  • Loads of interactive objects
    • Lighter mechanics;
    • Paper burning;
    • Pour water from sink tap;
    • Pour liquids from flasks;
    • Unlock chests;
    • Break glass objects;
    • Open or close drawers, shelves;
    • Wear glasses;
    • Draw on portraits, paper sheets;

As mentioned earlier, the game is still in Early Access state, which means that it is still in very early stages of development. If you would like to support us and help with the development cycle as the game grows, be sure to try it out! We would love to hear any feedback from our players!

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